Compare Short-Term Rentals

Compare Sort-Term Rentals

If your budget does not allow for the indicated rental rates, please consider an unfurnished apartment and furniture rental separately. The minimum amount you can expect to pay for a furnished 1 bedroom in the lowest-cost areas of the U.S. is about $2000. Once you have reviewed the rate information, please select one of the following links to begin your search.

Typical monthly rental rates for furnished rentals are listed below. Of course, the actual rates will depend on the specific property’s location and availability. Typically, you will require a stay of at least 30 days.

These are fully furnished corporate units and the rates typically include furniture, color TV with cable, stereo, housewares package (cookware, dishes, linens/towels, etc), microwave, washer/dryer units, electric & water service, local phone service, internet access & accessories (plants & pictures).


StyleTypically multi-room apartment – hotel-type suites.Range of properties, from apartments and townhomes to single-family dwellings.
StayAny length of time. Long term lease and down payments not





Typically30 days or more. Lease and deposit is required.
PriceUsually more expensive although prices can vary. average




US cost is $82.00 per  night

Usually less expensive although prices can vary.




1 bedroom nightly rate is $58.00

2 bedroom apartment averages $65

3 bedroom house averages $89

SizeThe typical room size is 500 sq. feet and there is no kitchen.One bedroom corporate apartment averages 700 sq. feet
ServicesHotel-type services are often included. (e.g. maid service, room




service, complimentary breakfast, etc.)

Services may be available for an additional cost.
PetsMost hotels do not allow pets.Pets can be more easily accommodated.
FurnishingsNon-negotiable for the most part; however, you can rent a crib or roll-awayPackages can include baby nurseries, home offices, bunk beds, more