You Need to Transfer Utilities when Moving

It’s not a fun task but it’s one of the most important and one that many people forget to do. Do you want to spend the first few days without hot water, internet or electricity? Silly question. You must schedule all the providers before the move.

Current Utilities

Organization is important. Make a note of all your current utility providers. These include cable, internet, water, sewer, gas, electricity, security system, satellite, etc. You may need some of the same providers again or will have to cancel the ones you will no longer need. Schedule disconnection for closing day or day after the move so that you have lights and AC or heat on the day of the move. Don’t forget to pay your current and overdue bills, as these could potentially hurt your credit score. This way you can start on a new slate. Have the utility providers do a final meter reading and make sure you have a copy of those final readings of gas, electric and water meters for your records.

New Utilities

Do the research involved in finding the utility providers in your new area. You can check with local government and city websites. Realtors are also a good source for that information. It’s a good idea to contact most utility providers several weeks in advance, especially if an installation appoint will be required. Contact the new utility service providers to confirm start dates. You don’t want to move into a dark and cold house. Confirm that the billing and property addresses are correct as well.

Homeowner’s Association

Contact the new HOA so that you know which, if any, basic utilities will be covered. Paying one monthly bill to the HOA is far more convenient than having to pay multiple bills.

Change Address

You will have to change your mailing address with USPS so that your bills and mail will be forwarded tp your new address. You can go to and easily select the date that you wish to start forwarding your mail. It’s a good idea to follow this

Home Energy Audit

Having a technician come and perform a home energy audit is not a bad idea. It will let you know whether you need to improve or remedy areas of your home. The insulation, ductwork and furnace should be checked periodically. The audit will let you know whether air is leaking into your house. You might need to caulk around drafty windows or place sweeps at the base of outside doors.