Relo-Guide Services is a resource for corporations, relocating employees, and individuals. We pride ourselves on proving an extensive array of services including policy administration, home marketing, home finding area orientation (city tours), household goods moving, job assistance, and much more

As a human resources professional, you are an expert in managing the workflow as it relates to your company’s employees. Why not turn the chore of relocating your personnel over to a company that specializes in relocation and can help you do it at low cost or even no cost whatsoever. Outsourcing, today, can be an efficient way to handle the needs of your transferees. We are at your disposal and will provide a single point of contact.

Your relocation policy and programs are unique from any other corporation. We understand that and tailor our services to complement the policies that you affect your business and its employees. We can also help modify your policies and help design them to fit individual employees.

Our services are typically provided at low or no cost to you, the employer. Since we are able to secure vendor discounts that are otherwise unavailable to corporations we are in a unique position to assist you.

Relo-Guide provides worldwide relocation assistance to relocating employees of corporations as well as families on the move. With tools and calculators designed to offer assistance with relocation, Relo-Guide is able to help make your move a bit less stressful. Services are comprehensive for local as well as
overseas moves and include services like city tours, home marketing, home finding, apartment rentals, mortgage financing, temporary housing, school orientation, moving and storage, jjob placement for trailing spouses, travel, caring for elders and much more. Relocation tools and calculators include
moving checklists, salary calculators, cost of living comparisons, city guides. neighborhood profiles and more.

The reasons for relocation vary, but some of the most common reasons for relocating include home buying, a new job offering a raise or promotion, business relocation, lifestyle changes, and family reasons such as illness of a loved one. Other reasons, including better school systems, fewer laws, and a better quality of life can also account for people wanting to relocate.